Chandelier Cleaning

Chandeliers are statement pieces that adorn many homes and businesses. Unfortunately, these beautiful pieces of art are also some of the most difficult light fixtures for a homeowner or business to clean and maintain. So, whether you need your chandelier in pristine condition before you entertain, or perhaps it’s just time for a good seasonal cleaning, give See-Thru Window Cleaning a call. See-Thru Window Cleaning provides a thorough deep chandelier cleaning service with a light touch. Our cleaning professionals use an environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution that cuts grime, but is gentle enough for your heirloom fixture. Our solution will not harm or scratch your chandelier finish, crystal, or glass. Plus, each chandelier cleaning professional is trained in removal and reinstallation of chandeliers. See-Thru Window Cleaning provides all necessary steps for cleaning your chandelier, including:

  • Surface covering and cleaning preparation
  • Chandelier removal
  • Individual hand-cleaning of crystal and/or glass pieces
  • Reinstallation of fixture
  • Bulb replacement upon request

We provide on-time service and offer both residential and commercial chandelier cleaning. Our cleaning professionals make certain each piece remains stunning and reflects light as originally intended. Our chandelier experts handle large commercial ballroom pieces as well as smaller residential fixtures. All of our chandelier experts are fully insured, so you don’t have to worry. Regardless of if your chandelier is a luxurious heirloom that includes Waterford crystals or is a cool funky retro internet bargain, our team provides the utmost care and experience while cleaning your individual piece of art.

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See-Thru Window Cleaning