Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are crucial to the foundation of your home because they make rainwater flow away from your property instead of collecting near it. Too much moisture on a foundation can make it crack, and foundation repairs can be extremely costly. Having clean gutters that can work as intended is important to your overall property value.

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The weight of wet leaf-filled gutters can be significant, and cause the gutters to pull away from the roof. This can lead to water leaks and rotting at the sites of the screws. If the gutters pull too far away from the roof, the water will drain between the roof and the gutter, defeating their purpose entirely.

If you live in a cold-weather climate, water that gets trapped in leaf-filled gutters can cause what’s called an “ice dam.” The ice dam blocks the flow of water, forcing the water to seep into your house. Additionally, birds, squirrels, mice, and rats—among other vermin—find leaf-filled gutters a cozy place to make their home.

One of the more dangerous jobs that homeowners might try to tackle themselves is gutter cleaning. Between tall ladders, steep roof inclines, and multiple stories, there are many risks. Since gutter function is an important facet of home maintenance, professionals should be involved in their cleaning. Gutter cleaning should be completed about twice annually, in the spring and fall, and checked frequently.

Our professional gutter cleaners remove all debris from the gutters and ensure that water freely flows through them. They also bag up all leaves and dispose of the bags offsite. The dirt and pollen buildup on the outside of the gutters can also be cleaned for new-looking gutters. Our professionals can clean the gutters of houses that are up to three stories tall. Homeowners shouldn’t risk their own safety; they should hire professionals for a fast and thorough job. Homeowners won’t even notice that the crew has been there; their house will simply look cleaner without the hassle and cleanup.

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