Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions.

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Do you clean windows?

Uh… YES!

Do you clean the screens?

We clean inside, outside, triple-track and… the screens too!

What makes your cleaning so good?

Special secret formula!

Do you power wash decks and patios?

Yes. We clean wood, concrete, and composite decking. We do not clean nature stone or any other “pieced” surfaces. Cost is calculated on the square footage.

Do you power wash driveways and sidewalks?

Yes. Cost is calculated on square footage.

My glass block is dirty. Can you clean it?

No. We do not clean glass block due to the uneven surface.

Can you clean my plastic skylights?

No. There are made of plexiglass and will scratch, eventually needing replacement. 
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See-Thru Window Cleaning